Rogue Trader

I'm a big fan of 40k RPG, and Rogue Trader is an awesome addition to it. I was around for the original RT, so it's nice they're keeping the tradition alive. The artwork is really impressive and seems like a natural evolution for a line that produced such fantastic art pieces as seen in older works like Lost and the Damned and Slaves to Darkness.
The only two issues I have with the products, this one included, are character integration between RT and Dark Heresy and editing issues. Both issues are relatively minor--it's pretty easy to integrated DH characters into RT, but I'd like a better sense of everything being one big RPG, rather than this being a separate game. I'm hoping this continues when Deathwatch comes out. I would much rather have DH, RT and DW as parts of one big, expanding universe. Playing a space marine in a large campaign eventually is something I'd like out of this series, and it would be cool to be able to work a character all the way from DH through.
The typos and other such editing errors are just a distraction from an otherwise beautiful work. Then again, I've edited professionally.

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