The Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan- need I say more? This game has it all. Strategy, chance, trading, persuading/manipulating (however you see fit), interaction between players, and rules that can be learned in less than twenty minutes and will stay with you for a lifetime! I have worn in my 3rd edition board so much within the past year and a half. No matter what games are out there, my friends and family always go back to Settlers. There are just so many ways the game can change that no two games are alike. Also, once you think you have mastered it you will still always find obstacles in your path to never achieve an easy victory. Settlers is an addiction that everyone needs to get turned on to! Be sure to get yours right away!

Yes, In a creepy vault full of nerds, I discover a jewel of great value. She's a pro on Settlers and I take some very good time with her! Don't be so curious, you're cats, and you know what curiosity mean for furry ones like you!!!

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yeah, she settle your ass, little playa!!!