Pages of Pain, by Troy Denning

The Lady of Pain, vigilant defender of Sigil, keeps an ongoing memoir of her existence. Here, in her own words, is her eternal story. Interspersed with these memoir passages is a story that takes plae in the maze where threats to Sigil are incarcerated for all eternity.

In a genre overfilled with narratives of treasure-seeking elves comes a truly original work. "Pages of Pain" spins the story of a man with no memory, ordered by a god to deliver a "gift" to the enigmatic and terrible ruler of Sigil, a city more or less at the center of the universe. The Amnesian Hero hopes that the task will lead to the restoration of his past -- but the mysterious Lady of Pain intends to show him that desire is what makes anguish possible. Denning's novel is told from a shifting point of view and is unlike any other in the AD&D mythos. A must read.


The Ragnarok said...

excellent novel, too many secret for ordinary planar players, but great reading!

MoNKey oF HelL said...

ce sont des romans que mon niveau d'anglais ne me permet pas de lire, et là j'enrage!


great novel, but a little bit frustating!!!